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How to install VMware Tools on fedora via VMware

19 June 2010

Many constraints in use in vmware but I will give a solution in order to run properly. One way to monitor vmware Resolution can be set to ...
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Configuring BIND DNS Server using the ubuntu 9.04

24 May 2010

DNS is a system that stores information about host names and domain names in the form of databases scattered (distributed database) on a c...
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Install the GRUB loader on ubuntu 9.04

06 May 2010

T his is my experience in installing dual OS i.e, windows xp and ubuntu linux, at that time my windows broken because many crashes, I trie...
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Upgrade kernel on Ubuntu 9.04

10 April 2010

Compiling the kernel can be done in the linux operating system that we operate and run the following commands. >> Check the kernel...
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10 January 2010

Inventory management is essential in determining long-term benefits kompetatif. Quality, engineering, product, price, overtime, excess capac...
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1. Bearing Risk Theory of Profit Companies must obtain above-normal profits (ie economic profit) if the type of business has a very high ris...
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Definition of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) CRM is defined as integration of sales strategy, marketing, and coordinated services. Customer Relati...
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Information Technology Applications in Knowledge Management

The development of information technology plays a crucial role indevelopment of knowledge management concepts. In a note Beckman (1999,h.1.2...
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Knowledge Management Development Approach

Knowledge management is not a simple matter, because the vast and the complexity of this knowledge management experts trying to build model ...
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Marketing Mix

Each subsystem output provides information on information about the elements essential element in the marketing mix. The following is a brie...
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