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10 January 2010

1. Bearing Risk Theory of Profit
Companies must obtain above-normal profits (ie economic profit) if the type of business has a very high risk. Example: Offshore oil drilling.
2. Frictional Theory of Profit
The assumption: The market often in disequilibrium position. Consequently the company never got above normal profit normal profit but only. Examples of motor vehicles resulted in the emergence of steel demand jumped and steel companies enjoy above normal profits, then there the discovery that steel could be replaced by plastic, so the demand for steel decreased while the demand for plastic rose.
3. Monopoly Theory of Profit
The company can sustain above-normal profits in the long term if the company can obtain from the government facilities, rights patent, can achieve economies of scale, etc..
4. Inovation Theory of Profit
Companies can earn above-normal profits if he can achieve penemuanpenemuan
new. Example: IBM, Xerox.
5. Managerial Efficiency Theory of Profit / Compensatory Top
A company can achieve above-normal profits if he succeeded efficiency in various fields and can meet the desires customers.
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