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The blockchain-based digital content : Zloadr

23 August 2017


More About Zloadr

Zloadr is a platform for publishing or print media can also be a container for blockchain-based content creators, it's a revolutionary thing that allows creators to connect with fellow creators, gain awards, achieve goals, and sell their content to everyone in the world.

It's been a few years back that this idea has been present in that period of time developing this platform and creating a unique publishing tool, until the present time Zloadr 90% has been present to release blockchain-based publishing platform as a container for creating all kinds of media, gathering to make Something, producing and selling their content to a wide audience or globally without losing something of a valuable nature.

The platform has over 450,000 articles with various categories and publishers of about 21,000 publishers, all of which are successfully published and distributed on this platform in beta stage, this publishing platform is in the final stages of its development to rival the content publisher aggregators or the mainstream media Such as Yahoo, Google News & MSN, Zloadr zero in Q4 2017, this platform should be final in its development.

Well here's unique Zloadr gives new token (new crypto currency) called ZDR they give crowd sale or discount coins they will issue and publishers will get ZDR tokens with efforts to grow, market and impact the coins and help develop technology contracts Intelligent inside platforms using blockchain Ethereum. This ZDR coin is stronger than conventional currency and it will encourage ad providers to buy ZDR to provide services such as digital advertising on the Zloadr platform.

This is very useful for ad providers because the next few days Zloadr give big discount for this coin, immediately buy this coin if you do not want this coin is expensive for future to be purchased. Please direct to the official website: and for those of you who are still confused with what is served this platform please download pdf it:

Complete project plan:


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